I have had several  hypnotherapy sessions with Petra. I found Petra to be caring and compassionate and non-judgmental. The sessions were helpful from the start and  also very relaxing and stress relieving. The results were positive and quicker than I could ever have imagined , I have already referred people to Petra and I will encourage anyone considering hypnotherapy to give it a chance and make an appointment with Petra. JB

Petra Nicol is a wonderful, calm and relaxed individual.  I found her demeanour very comforting and I immediately felt at ease in her presence.  My sessions with Petra were incredibly relaxing and I always left feeling positive and revived.    I still use some of the techniques that she taught me, especially the breathing exercises.  Rest assured, Petra is definitely the right person to see!!  You will leave feeling that anything is possible.  My only regret is that I could not see her more often.  I wish her all the best going forward as I know that she will be 100% successful in her practice.  May God Bless the beautiful soul that is Petra Nicol.      CW

I was very sceptical going to see Petra for the first time as I am usually a self-fixer. I saw Petra just a few times before I had to head back overseas but in the sessions I did have I did notice a big change in myself. It has been an ongoing self-discovery journey, but when I am back home would definitely pop in to see her again. I have suggested my mum sees her too.  My confidence gets better daily, my anxiety has subsided. In general, I feel more relaxed and happy about myself and life.  If you have considered Hypnotherapy, you have already taken the first step in the right direction.      TB

Sometimes in life one finally takes that proverbial ‘first step’ to do something that you have thought about for so long but have been unable to follow through on, and Hypnotherapy was one of those ‘first steps’ that I always wanted to take but did not really understand. Petra has made me and my family feel so comfortable with the whole experience that I now recommend her Hypnotherapy to all I meet. Petra has changed our lives. One only realises the enormity of how lost we are until we take these ‘first steps’, and fortunately I chose Petra. I will be forever grateful. Bernard Keith

The Hypnosis Therapy conducted by Petra is the most amazing experience I have ever had. It was the closest syncronisation that my body and mind had ever been in, and it was the most relaxed I had felt in a long time. I will say that I reaped the most, after my session and since then have been able to train and relax my sub-conscious mind and body accordingly. Thank you, Petra. T.Murphy

Therapy.? who ever thought. My daughter and I relocated to a new province. I started a new career and my daughter changed schools and home language… Petra was recommended by a family member… I saw Petra and after 3 sessions my life like a puzzle all came together my daughter and my bond has become stronger and my coping mechanism for handling situations and challenges became clearer and more affirmative. I’ve found my voice and new passion for life. Petra has created a safe and trusty environment and her methods are non judgmental and her empathy is in abundance. Life is tough but with Petra’s support system provided by being available and making time for my needs I can highly recommend her therapy. WW

Hypnotherapy sessions with Petra helped me find a resolve within myself that always seemed just out of reach. It’s one of the best things I ever did and I would highly recommend it. MM

Petra has assisted me and my family in many ways from ages 9 to age 46. We have all gone for one-on-one therapy sessions and discussions. I have seen my family grow in trust, love and understanding under the guidance of Petra, allowing us a safe environment to address our personal feelings and daily challenges. She is compassionate and understanding, very trustworthy and confidential. She has allowed me the opportunity to see my value as a person and for me to understand and address my needs more realistically. Life is a daily challenge and therapy has allowed me the freedom to make the choice for happier living, find the joy in our home and rest with a peaceful mind at night. And when it feels like all the wheels are falling off the bus, I make an appointment with Petra and regain my inner calm and peace.     EV