Cyber Hypnosis

Benefits of Cyber / Online Hypnosis

  • No need to waste time and fuel to travel to sessions
  • Sessions are conducted in the comfort and safety of your own home or office environment
  • You can be anywhere in the world and still connect for your session!
  • In your own environment, you are able to relax even more, most likely resulting in a more beneficial session
  • Confidentiality & Privacy – some people have a deep need for privacy with regards who they are consulting, and no one can see you walking into the Hypnotist’s rooms with Cyber Hypnosis

Requirements for a Beneficial Cyber / Online Hypnosis Session

  • A reasonable internet connection
  • A smartphone / tablet / desktop computer / laptop
  • If connecting with Skype or Zoom, ensure the App is installed & operational
  • A room which can be quiet for the duration of the session
  • A comfortable chair or couch with a table nearby to rest the device upon – either in front of you or to the side
  • Once your session is confirmed, you will receive detailed instructions
  • Contact me if you need help or advice with any of the technical aspects.