About Petra

I am a qualified & experienced Consulting Hypnotist, registered with SAMHA (SA Modern Hypnosis Academy) since 2010.

Married with two older children, I live on a smallholding, and offer Hypnosis and Counselling/Guidance sessions ONLINE WORLDWIDE, as well as face-to-face locally in Durban, South Africa.

Although I offer Hypnosis assistance with a broad variety of issues, I have a special affinity for assisting with those suffering from grief, abuse survivors, self-confidence / self-esteem problems, weight issues, depression, anger management, life-coaching, and also general concerns with children & teens.

Why am I passionate about Hypnosis?

Years ago, my son had been diagnosed with ADD & medication was prescribed. I felt intuitively that medication was not what he needed & sought out alternative therapies. He was assessed by educational specialists & the results showed that he was on the borderline of being a “Gifted” child – super bright, but sadly not (at that stage) able to apply his intellect to his school environment. I qualified in Hypnosis in order to assist my boy & WOW, what results he experienced!! After working with him during a long school holiday, his teacher was convinced he had been placed on the prescribed medications as the change in confidence, concentration & ability was phenomenal! He has not looked back, and is currently in his final school year, and so proud of his achievements – the Power of Hypnosis at work…….

Feel free to contact me for a confidential chat to see how I may assist YOU through the Power of Hypnosis.

“What your mind can conceive – your body can achieve!”